Milky Holmes and Power

I figure in opening up this blog I talk about something I thought was interesting in the first season of Milky Holmes.

The element of note to talk about in show is how power works in Milky Holmes in the form of Toys. Essentially once our lovely but brain dead team of girls loses their Toys they are brutally exposed as to kind of people they really are when exposed to hardship. With their powers the Milky Holmes are considered the heroes of the town and the prime rivals of Phantom Thief Arsene. Without them however….

They are clumsy, unpleasant, so dumb with little of the intuition that make them the detectives they were. The powers they lost are were the crutches that kept them functioning in their own society. Cordelia’s toys of intuition and mind reading supplanted a mentally fractured girl prone to flights of delusions. Herc’s toys of super human strength aided a girl with a very weak social presence and inability to speak up for herself even among her team. Nero’s toys of manipulating technology in thoughtful fashion hid an arrogant tilt of a someone very quick to blame other people for her own issues. Worst of all be Sher’s busted toys of telekinesis that helped a balanced a clumsy moron of an individual filled with insincere platitudes. One can be bring up them being forced into a cold dusty room after losing their toys did not help their circumstance but their true problem was exposed before they even get forced out: twisted ideals.

What I really enjoy about Milky Holmes is that’s an absurd comedy that puts on a grand display of power keep away. The worst of the group’s personalities is often a point of the episode or better yet they would try to find short cuts to getting their toy powers back instead of doing anything of noticeable worth. “They said our powers will come back soon so it’s all good” on episode 10 even though Herc weakly points out the inherent issue in said resolution that cames from their ancestors saying they would come back in the previous episode(little hard to describe context other than great detective spirits are summoned).

Fortunately for the Milky Holmes team of failures there is one person who never gives up on them regaining their powers though funnily she is the one that takes them away: Henriette Mystere aka Phantom Thief Arsene.

Moments after being reflected back by the power of her tight boobs.

It’s a bit hard to describe her motives because of her tendency to be cryptic but I would guess that she is unsatisfied that her rivals have morally degraded and have become too complacent with their powers as are. In episode one, they laugh merrily as they walk around like they own the campus as they go to receive their special meals and sleep in their luxury rooms. At some point before the show, they’ve lost sight of what “it means to be a detective” and with level of their toy powers in addition to their success rate they seem to subconsciously let go. Which is no good for her alter ego: Arsene who is actively reaching to become better as a thief and with the power of her toys seeks a rival that can match the “brilliance” of her craft which of those available are the inane MH gang. She’s technically takes their powers away but I think it’s more of something she did with her toys powers of illusions where she tricks them into believing they literally lose their powers. In actuality Milky Holmes actually have their powers but with upon losing their powers, they forget the feelings that are needed to trigger their abilities. The gist of the show is for them to realize these feelings which in finale is characterized as wanting to actually help people not for the sake of fame or personal gain but for unselfish quest of just helping a fellow human being.

So the thing that makes the show great is that it could end with the powers being returned to Milky Holmes and they have a great battle with Arsene that also emotionally satisfies what feels like our true protagonist’s Henriette desire for proper rivals. However the genius of the show is that Milky Holmes while they sincere want to help the town they live through the potential perceived loss of their friend Henriette, it is because of the situation of them getting these feelings are half assed. They do realize eventually that their own corrupted personalities is the reason they are stuck as they are but the show plays a certain karma at them. Considering 11 episodes of the show is the Milky Holmes team trying to play the easy way out they are only given a free leach temporary to put on the appearance of a compelling finale only to lose their power again at the last five minutes making everyone Henriette included frazzled to the point of incoherence.

Are you fucking with me?

I’ve been compelled in my sprawl on Milky Holmes because I feel this return of the status quo is thoroughly earned and is a wonderful way to end this first season of the incompetent detectives. A lesser show would give their powers back for reasons(lol) but this show points out indirectly that none of the Milky Holme girls have really confronted the parts of them that are rather unsavory and that a bandaid is no answer to a great issue that will require contemplation from our dumb little girls to see through. Someone might think it to be a bit hasty to write on a show with multiple seasons but honestly the wonderful way this season is constructed is praiseworthy within itself.

On a different note since I intend this to be a weekly to biweekly blog I would like to promote this piece of Mayu fanart that is super fantastic. nanananananasea is a fantastically dedicated MayuP artist and I look forward to their works fervently every week.

Until I have another idea for a blog I’ll excuse myself for now.



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