Digging Into Isekai: Life Recap Week #1

It’s been a pretty busy week for media consumption in all consideration. A great number of the Winter 2019 seasonal anime have aired their final episodes but while I did finished a number of them(Preordered Kemurikusa while I was at it too) my backlog continues to grow as I binge into more isekai works as I’ve been wont to do since Shield Hero earlier this season really sparked a liking for isekai and so I ignore finishing them until today on this fine Monday day.

The melty power comes from between thy horses

As a quick wrap up I’ll go briefly into my thoughts on what I ended up watching in bullet points and save Kemurikusa for the next block.

  • Kaguya-sama and Wataten has receive lovely adaptions that I recommend along with their respective manga.(I could say the same for Mob Psycho 1000 II but honestly I haven’t read the manga for that, and also while I do like the anime, I am not that enthused).
  • Shield Hero has an adaption where it does not lack though the use of CGI is disappointing but an important necessity…still it thanks to Shield Hero that I am even writing this blog so still something I appreciate.
  • Endro! is a nice little adventure show with Yuru Yuri mangaka designs, and subverts that the demon lords needs to be beaten.
  • Manaria Friends satisfied the urge for a show that displayed a sweet yet very heavy yuri relationship. The real thing that makes it start is how even though it’s suppose a calming show, it has all sorts of crazy magic going on in every episode.
  • I’m excited yet terrified of Dororo. A fantastic adaption of the original with it’s own sort of initiative to change various elements of the narrative yet still we are only half way through on that beast.

As I start leaning towards more negative comments here.

  • Yakusoku no Neverland is a story I was never able to take that seriously but has a lot of great animation and nice focused vision. I heard that the manga fans weren’t as fond of it, or perhaps mixed is the better term.(Though to drop shade if you need every monologue, perhaps you’re better off not watching anime if that’s your issue).
  • Ueno-san has an interesting adaption with a number of new ED songs as well those fun kind of character designs you don’t see get brought to life in anime all that often. Still while it’s cute I was never that excited watch Ueno-san.(Lolis are cute justice though).
  • Finally Tensura(Slime for reference) while had some great animated highlights got a bit boring to watch but that is just the nature of the source material and not something I would blame the animation team for.
That took forever

Finally I would like to note Kemurikusa with a little more writing. After watching Kemono Friends by Tatsuki previously I was expecting a likable work certainty. As it went on it there was something that I didn’t estimate: which was that Kemono Friends was actually Kemurikusa V1 with a different franchise. What I find amazing still is how similar in ideas yet how different in ends up playing out in both versions. A tale of lost love in a gloomy dystopian world of what is actually a huge ship. Delivered with the amazing art direction of Yūko Shiromizu and the charming yet efficient janky approach that has been the approach Yaoyorozu has taken on both Kemono Friends and Kemurikusa. It’s certainly might look better with a different studio but what I’m touched by is how they take on these challenges regardless and try to find a solution to display a number of amazing set pieces and really bring the world to Kemurikusa life. It forced my hand and as we speak the bluray for volume one is arriving at my house. This smile could be prettier sure but I am very convinced that I wouldn’t take this over anything else and this is my anime of the season at the very least. I look forward to more from Tatsuki and co!

Too moe for words.

But in regards to the isekai segment of the title I shall get down to that. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been consuming more web novels/manga adaptions of isekai, particularly in the Otome Game variant with the only exception being Youjo Senki: which I freaking love.

An unbeatable combo

Meme aside I fell in love with Youjo Senki particularly once I got over my very naive assertions about the series from the surface and discovered that the writer was very pro communist. Watching the anime and reading the manga(getting to the light novel soon) unfolding the tale of a staunch communist fighting with an aim to kill the gods is amazing! It follows all the isekai conventions but adds curses, double meanings, contradictory behavior, and a echo of how war affects the next generation to such a combination that I am utterly captivated. I am waiting in anticipation of the Youjo Senki Movie to get a translation so I can watch Mary Sioux get in on the action and add to the trials of tribulations of our poor salary loli “teacher”.

Last to note of the isekai wrap is a web novel I lost a fair bit of sleep over consuming but I was none the less excited to finish: Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou aka know as I Favor the Villainess(Henceforth referred to as WataOshi).

WataOshi Web Novel Illustration

I’m fond of yuri whether it be written more to display the truth of the situation around lesbian relationships or shameless fictions in which yuri is free to bloom unimpeded. I also have come to believe the Otome Game/Visual Novel genre to be my favorite variant of isekai oriented stories. WataOshi has such a premise to capture my heart from 0 to 100% so I was slave to it before I even began.(Reborn as otome game heroine, decides to try to romance the villainess instead of any capture targets). While I think the story can be a bit jarring and I think a little heavy handed in how it delves into LGBT issues, how the author Inori has tied it to her narrative charmed me. Early on there this rather painful chapter where our protagonist reveals that her jokey, over the top nature about how openly gay she is comes from a place of not being able cope with her own sexuality unless she mocks herself preemptively. This chapter is meaningful because it ties the conflicts our would be yuri couple face on the road to “glory.” Rei inability to seriously face the love that she has for Claire, and for Claire the pride of a heritage that whether good or bad, is steadfast to stand for even it ends in her annihilation. In two days I blazed through this story to a conclusion that I’m still reeling from how cute it ended up being has me in a relaxed state. Though to be my surprise and joy, they’re releasing WataOshi as a light novel!

So damn good, it even manages to convey the feelings and details I always felt were on hand for how the characters appear despite never getting a good description of Rei. As we speak I’m setting myself up to purchase an ebook copy because I feel it would be in poor taste if I didn’t support Inori-sensei in her struggles. I am writing in full hopes of someday a physical copy, a manga adaption, and maybe with some dumb luck: an anime. Even if these do not come to fruition, I won’t be easily forgetting the tale of Relaire(lol) all that easily in the coming year.

So as I did last time I will be posting fanart of various twitter artists here that I particularly enjoy. This time I will be spotlighting Chitose more here, I’ve yet to determine her personality but from different fan comics I’ve seen, it seems like she a mischievous girl who plays at chuuni for kicks and drags Chiyo along with her antics. Can’t say I’m not a fan of such great idols when I can imagine the real chuunis(Asuka and Ranko) being mad at the insincere attitude towards her image lol.

Fucking fanta lol

First time I wrote something I would consider a blog post that was more about my life than necessarily trying to look at a work. I hope it was fun to read but it now it’s time to bow out to the night.

In the garbage where I lie…

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